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  1. I tried. Thanks .
  2. Wow - fantastic work on that list of ideas.
  3. Nice. I'll check it out, but I don't have time to play - I've got 2 RPs going in Equilism that I need to keep up with, plus normal regional business and then keeping track of developments here. And then there's that stuff called RL. :P Thanks for the link, though. ^_^
  4. I don't know if you role-play or not...(or if you want to start?) but I started a roleplay about NationStates in five years >> located here and it uses your concept of raiders who destroy raider farms and become glorified "proposal defenders" and therefore raiders are like well respected veterans (yet actually thieves) in five years and ironically called "defenders".
  5. Just as long as you know
  6. I know, I know, but I reeeally want a telegram. It has so much more potential, as well as power. It has more potential because it can be used for things like my old pet project, the NationStates political gameplay news update, as well as being useful for multiple segments of the NS population (WA votes, etc.) And it's more powerful because it gets right in people's faces so you know everyone will have to look at it at least long enough to delete it. That's important in a game where people can't figure out how to reply to telegrams. <_<
  7. I still suggest if you want the adzone idea to be more popular that you should switch the mass telegram concept with an adbox on "the World" or something like that. Because I really like the adzone idea, we can always use more game created regions. It could be an interesting idea however, for warzones to employ the adbox instead because otherwise warzones are pointless, as your analysis stated.

    Oh and I don't know if you're a roleplayer but the V.B has something cooked up for one to read, and reply to.
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