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  1. I think we're going to need a code or something, because this is getting pretty silly....
  2. Tee hee wink wink back at ya LOL
  3. Violet Blood.

    Wink. Wink.
  4. Whoa, I leave for a few hours and come back to see myself being accused of Totalitarianism. Eh, I better not leave anymore, no more sleep for me .

    Urgench, I wasn't suggesting in my posts that everyone must believe in the Great Decline, I was suggesting that the situation shouldn't divide us between non-believers and believers because the outcome would be good for both.

    I've tried to offer as many "technical" solutions to our problems as I can think. But the negativity on the thread, before I even posted signalled my ideas would fall on deaf ears.
    People were blindly dismissing the raiding community's problems out of ethnocentrism, and the raiders were doing it back. It was like watching America's North and the South duke it out. No solutions will come out of an arena like that.
  5. Hey seriously, what "blind negativity" ? I'm suggesting that subtlety and intelligence need to be applied to the situation and not knee jerk reactions which could have drastic negative consequences.

    Wildly accusing people who disagree with you as being a part of the problem smacks of totalitarianism, and you make great play of democracy, so why don't you like different points of view, and what's wrong with a healthy dose of practicality and realism ?
  6. Don't let Mongkkha hear you say that, the very notion of anything trully enjoyble which does not take place in the saddle or on the back of some beast is utterly Barbaric to him LOL
  7. Maybe he'd enjoy trying something that didn't involve saddling a wild animal...?

    But then again, what would the fun be in that.
  8. He doesn't play golf I'm afraid, but he plays Uzkaiyabashirk ( a sport where you ride wildly around on a horse and endeavour to swipe a fleece from the other players while not having the benefit of reins or saddle ) he also plays both Horse and Elephant Polo very well
  9. Does the humble urgenchian ambassador play golf, in his elder years?
  10. Yeah I have to admit I'm getting stretched pretty thin myself lately between making up issues for NSchronicles and finalizing the formulae for NSfusion's alpha release.
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