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  1. I prefer the world profiterole or pavlova myself, but that's because my chief interest in life is the acquisition and consumption of dessert.
  2. I like "lilac". It's such a prettier word than "bigot"
  3. Neo art! If you beat that guy in that thread too hard you might risk being INTOLERANT of his viewpoint and denying him all his rights to speak **** and stuff. then you'd be a right lilac. :P
  4. which telegram system? the one on nationstates main page? It works but I never expect people to check it.
  5. Not at all. I remember you from my last stay here... and the one before that. And I read other threads and stuff. But I have no idea how these crazy notifications things work, oh gods I'm so confused. What was so wrong with the telegram system.
  6. hope you didn't take too much offense to my general jackassery. In truth, I'm mostly harmless
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