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  1. oh, and I didn't notice your other question when I responded a while ago. I do indeed have MSN - it's been mine since I was... uh... hhmmm. 16 and I was exploring neo-daoist philosophy.
  2. not at all. My mother struggles with depression as well, so I am aware of how debilitating it can be, and the strength required to break out of it. Hats off to you, jordy. I figured you for a most amazing woman, just from the little I've seen you post.
  3. Marvellously little. I'm locked in a struggle against depression (that sounds perhaps more epic than I intend.). I'm hoping to return to university (journalism, english, that stuff), but as it stands I find it difficult to leave the house often, never mind be awake during the day. >>
  4. So you must be 10 hours-ish behind.

    What do you do with your life, if you don't mind me asking? do you have msn?
  5. here? well at the moment it's 11:52am. when you -asked- it was 9:28am. And that is a cool gadget. The house I'm staying in is -freeeeeeezing-.
  6. I'm good, actually. paranoid about a spider right-at-this-very-moment... it was huge and crawling on my monitor. but a big spider for britain, not australia, so kinda small and pathetic really. But it freaked me out! Beyond that I'm peachy right now. And you?
  7. hey how are ya?
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