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  1. I can't do anything right now since I don't have access to NS2's Mod Centre. I don't know if it's even finished yet. It might have been a bug anyway, I've seen it happen in other alliances when no such vote actually took place. It happened in an alliance of mine a few days ago and people are still asking questions about it.

    I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but my hands are tied. Once they let me loose in the NS2 mod tools I may be able to do something.
  2. May I ask a favor?
    I created an alliance in world 18 (Atheist Alliance), and then while I was editing it, someone griefed me for laughs by joining, voting me out of office to the lowest rank, and then leaving. At least I think that's what happened, because there's no record of anyone having joined.
    Since I am the only one in the alliance, would you please reset me to supreme leader and change appointment to not be by popular vote?
    If there were actual serious members in the alliance, I would accept this as a democratic outcome, but since there aren't any, it must be a bug or a joke.
    Thank you.
    Antitheismerica (NS1 Militant Atheists)
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