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  1. Scripted provs are killing our provinces. All the provs are dwaves, many born viscount with that bug, all made recently. All run suiciding strats with only offence.
    Here are the hits so far on us made all in 15 minutes (script again).

    More coming on anther prov from scripted KDs also.
    8:22 is starting to hit us now.


    PLEASE get Brian and Sean do SOMETHING to this game......
  2. Please let me know Lydias if they give you any answer about it, because they still don't want to answer to me...
  3. Lydias.. please try and make Brian, Sean or Spiritcreeper do something about the Magic bug. The DE as a whole race is completly useless because of it. Why should we just be useless for a whole age ?

    I've send them email with concrete data, made posts in the bug section about it, and other ppl that play did the same.. we didn't even recive an answer about it, and it's been over 3 weeks now.
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