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    Life and surgery keeps me from being more active there.
  2. What blog do you write for?

    BTW, clear out your private messages. Your in box is full.
  3. They went poof.
  4. What the hell is going here? What happened to the forums?
  5. OMAC sure has spent a lot of effort on these wizz bang forums.
  6. It is.
    The decline is faster than ever now, too, because of OMAC's increased level of incompetence.
  7. I have only recently been given the ability to send private messages again. It's been a while since I checked, but it seems to me Utopia is dying even quicker now.
  8. Once a player, always a player.
  9. Ah, used to be like a famous player in Utopia. Used to know him. Wondered if he was still around. =/
  10. No idea who that even is.
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