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  1. Hello
  2. hi
  3. I told you yesterday that I would be withdrawing, what else can I do? I cant log in to the game so how can I withdraw.

    Im not going to be some stupid stubborn nub.
  4. I cant log into Utopia, or I would have withdrawn. Cant get in contact wihy any Kingdom members none of them use MSN.
  5. hello...

    as you might imagine, my kd is quite unhappy that you haven't withdrawn yet... i need something from you to tell them because they have blood in their eyes... a couple of yours attacked as well, snake and warthog.

    i know there have been issues getting into the game. it's just the front-end login portal that is down, the game itself is fine.

    i have to leave in about 5 minutes, and saw that you posted in the forums, so was hoping you might respond quickly
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