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    Mal, about your thread in General.
    I believe the answer to both your questions is grounded in the CULTURE of China. for a long time, China was Xenophobic, so their use of foriegn Mercs would be questionable. as for the first... best look into chinese history.
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    Hey, have you been to the Yale Model United Nations XXXV Conference?
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    hey mal are you going to get involved in that force academy thread.
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    Hey maldorians long time no see. Where you been?
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    Mal: "Concerning ANONT, or however you abbreviate it, I am awaiting your attack. My forces are already mobilized. And I will reply to the Mokas. ASAP...."

    I was waiting for you...
    I believe jolt ate your post...
    That or I didn't think your action was significant enough.
    I'll review the thread to make sure, but right now I'm not in a good enough physical state to make a proper post (I'm propping one hand up to the keyboard and deleting every other character due to fatigue-induced jittering/twitchibng)


    Yeah, unless you went into full alert on your first post and forgot to flesh that bit out... I'd say jolt either ate it or hates you.

    Also, WOOTage for letting me gain credit on knocking the G-Corps down another peg
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    Testing... [lines] 1... 2... 3... 4...
    Woot, Mal now has me in surround sound and HD-Digital Video!
    Now may we start that little war thingy with the charging of the light-horse and such?

    Your call on which thread for it to be in:
    Operation: Corporate Disassembly
    (Interceptors attack air-bridge on return-leg)

    A Night on the Town
    (Some Christian Missionaries Mokastana wants to enter one of your colonies in order to spread religion, I made sure the request is only issued to the local prefect, bunch of other little stuff)

    Red Dawn
    (Kids, guns, in your lands, not much really to point out)

    -Hurtful Thoughts,
    In your airspace, eating your dingoes, and threatening to pirate your bandwidth with a screwdriver on a stick...
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