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    Message received. Thankee.
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    Hurk. I have a couple of quick questions. Infact, depending on your answer, it might even be a single quick question and then stuff that doesn't even matter. *stops trying to feel socially awkward for a second*. Do you have MSN? If so, do you reserve it only to people you actually know? If not, can I add you? If so, what's your address? I'm trying to get some MSN contacts that are a: cool cats and b: awake when I am. You hit both the criteria, and so I figured I might as well ask.
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    I'm aware that I'll almost certainly sound condescending and unwelcome in this offer because I mean, you don't know me, but if you ever want to vent about stuff to someone who's been put in a similar situation, then feel free to send me a message.
  4. Extremely prying question sent, feel free to throw things at me etc.
  5. Cheers. I just sent another one, so would you please be so kind as to drag yourself from the winhole that is NSG and post a response to my prying questions about things that really are none of my business?
  6. Check your TGs, por favor.
  7. Thankyou. I really hate the Trostia/KoL crew. I'm further right than most of NSG, but they make me out as if I'm Hitler's best mate or something. So naturally, I defend Hotwife, NM, TAI/whoever, because left by ourselves, the non-leftists (I'm not even right wing, FFS. I vote MRLP! But that's only because there's no decent Centrist parties. ) are hunted down and torn to shreds. Anyway, again apologies if what I said could be construed as offensive.
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    Sincere apologies if the crack I made in the Anne Coulter thread was offensive or inflammatory to you. I was trying to poke fun at the stalker guy who seems to always be saying things about her.
  9. I wish to lob this message at you. I want to keep it straight. If you think I wanted Bush gone then you are wrong. I always make things about Bush clear. I Adore that man. And I hate President Obama. Thank you for you're time.
  10. It just occurred to me that I don't know which pronoun you prefer. "She," would be my guess, but I tend to guess wrong about that sort of thing.

    Oh, and if you say that you have no preference, I will track you down and beat you with sticks and also snakes. Venomous snakes. I DEMAND CERTAINTY!
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About Dumb Ideologies
I am from GREAT Britain. I'm MTF transgender. I think my jokes are funny, despite all evidence to the contrary. I like cake. I tend to change my mind about four times during any given debtate. Am I indecisive? I'm not sure.
Hiding in a small safety cupboard on planet Absurdia
I don't have any hobbies. I do, however, own several hobbits. I also own everyone who disagrees with me, EVER! Hur-hur-hur.
Undergraduate Student. I study history and politics. The sexiest subjects.


Democracy: (noun) Rule of the dumb, for the dumb, by the dumbest
Captains of Industry, your ships are sinking!
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