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    I find the only thing NSG is good for is honing a very narrow argument. Law school is so hardcore into sourcing, you can't claim that **** stinks unless you back it up. So unless I'm just posting to annoy, I use it as an excuse to learn something about a topic, then take a stance, then back said stance up. More indepth attempts are met with a quick doesn't seem that most posters are able to actually think about things beyond the purely surface. Hm, or are unwilling. All the real debates get sucked into the undertow of spam. I think I'm still here purely for nostalgia.
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    Fair enough...I think you summed up NSG pretty well. Then again, if all the intelligent posters leave, what remains? Hope to see you upping the collective IQ level some time
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    Why do you never post in General anymore? *weeps*
  4. Might have to talk to the devs about that one, I don't really have the tools to deal with technical issues in NS2.
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    Yeah my country is in a war with a nation that got deleted and i can't withdraw
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    Ive lost control over my country. When I log on I have to create new one. What should I do?
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    Heh, yes, I know what you mean. But, talking to the "average American" (of all ages and political beliefs) and many, after saying that they didn't like the little they had heard of about RP, decided that they actually really liked him. That he actually what - GASP! - knowledgeable and could do much good for the country.

    A man that doesn't want to run our life? A man that wants to STOP inflation and have a SOLID dollar? A man that stands on solid principles. A man that doesn't want our country to go bankrupt, and could actually address that? My GOD! How can we possibly let this guy run our country?! lol
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    Not sure if you've been to, but if not it sounds like you may like it. Plenty on the man of the hour in NSG, Ron Paul.
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    May I ask a favor?
    I created an alliance in world 18 (Atheist Alliance), and then while I was editing it, someone griefed me for laughs by joining, voting me out of office to the lowest rank, and then leaving. At least I think that's what happened, because there's no record of anyone having joined.
    Since I am the only one in the alliance, would you please reset me to supreme leader and change appointment to not be by popular vote?
    If there were actual serious members in the alliance, I would accept this as a democratic outcome, but since there aren't any, it must be a bug or a joke.
    Thank you.
    Antitheismerica (NS1 Militant Atheists)
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