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Thread: Kingdom of Bagelatia

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    Kingdom of Bagelatia

    Nimph trodded throughst the fields of barley with his golden brimmed hat of ten gallons. "Avast!" Nimph slowed down and looked upon a deep gorge in the valley he was trundling through, "There are fiery bearded little men splashy each other in the sloshy beverage of the sloshy gods!" With all haste duest to his bones, Nimph spurred the spurs into the 2nd quarter and reigned down brimestone ice cream upon the follies of the elves who pondered to the dwarves of Fire-Beard the Braveleg with thoughts of keeping them parched.
    Nimph looks at you and exclaims with much bravado, "I shall return, with herring and boats! Make haste in adding your party to my fruitious adventure of misdeeds ands fine authobiographyies!
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    ...We shall be the last!

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    So old now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bishop View Post
    Correct me then, instead of being a dick about it.
    love that thick mahogany back with no belly carve or anything...pure thick wood ! The thing ROCK is made of !
    Weed bowls

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