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    From Roisin:

    "Hi all, first off, apologies this wasn't posted last night - I know
    you were all expecting some news on Genesis.

    We're going to be restarting Genesis on Monday the 15th of December.
    Changes for next round will be a few minimal tweaks, for balance,
    similar in nature to the changes on Legends this round. We are
    implementing these changes with a view to possibly migrating then to
    WoL, next round.

    * Elves +40% WPA
    * Gnomes +30% TPA
    * Dwarves +30% BE

    * +25% gains on Learn Attacks
    * Removed NW based attack times in war

    We have not yet determined what to do with Genesis in the future. It
    will be maintained as an alternative to Legends, and it will remain a
    server with regular shuffling and no kingdom selection. Other than
    that, we're open to input.

    A new forum will be been opened soon for discussion of long-term
    Genesis plans, please contribute your ideas there. Also please comment
    on the usefulness of having this kind of sub fora for specific issues.
    If it is a success, we may choose to repeat it later whenever doing
    major changes. As always, please be respectful in discussion of
    proposals and keep an open mind."

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    Genesis started tonight, with a freeze time of two days - changes are as follows:

    * Elves - Magic Effectiveness : +40%
    * Gnomes - Thievery Effectiveness : +30%
    * Dwarves - Thievery Effectiveness : -20%
    (note, the original Dwarf change was an error)
    * +25% gains on Learn Attacks
    * Removed NW based attack times in war

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