As many of you will have noticed there have recently been a number of
fairly significant problems experienced on our WoL server. This is
due to the fact that the server is currently under constant external
attack which is making it hard for people to log in and navigate
pages and is additionally causing frequent CGI errors. A knock-on effect is
the crop of bugs that have appeared over the last week and the
problems that we are having in running the routine scripts.

We have tried to put many measures in place to counteract this,
however, due to there being a number of holes in the legacy codebase,
there is very little at this point that can be done to resolve the
problem without a massive effort being put into the old code.

As you are all aware a total re-code is currently underway in the
background from our friends at Frontsquare; hence we feel at this
point that it is best to retire the old code slightly earlier than
planned so that all efforts can be concentrated on the new version.

The new code will be running in Beta for testing from
Thursday 8th October and subsequently on Genesis and we hope that
you will take the chance to check it out there until it goes up on WoL.