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Thread: Support: how to contact them

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    Support: how to contact them

    With the release of the new code the method for reporting issues within the game has been altered.

    For now post any issues you have within this bug forum and the information will be gathered and dealt with.

    Many thanks!

    If you have information that is too sensitive to post here (if you have to include a location) you can send an email to This email address can also be used to report cheaters.
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    Account Inactive/Deleted - what to do

    If, upon logging in to your account, you receive a message stating that your account is "Inactive" it is possible that your account was rendered inactive due to a violation of the games rules.

    If you believe you did not break these rules here is what you can do.

    Please be aware, and I'm looking at you monarchs here, we cannot discuss another players account. This means if you email us asking why a kingdom mate was deleted we will not be able to tell you. We will release details only to the account owner.

    Now that is out of the way here are the steps you can take.

    Send a polite email to from the email associated with your master account. Include your username or your Support ID. Explain why you think you might have been deleted, the more detail you provide the better. If it is found that you were deleted in error your account will be restored, along with your province.

    Be aware though that ignorance of the rules is not an excuse we can accept, nor are we able to contact people via mail before we take action - it is simply not feasible.

    These actions are taken for the good of the game. While we understand you may be angry we will not put up with swearing, insults, threats and the like so, for your own sake, please keep the language civil.

    Finally, if you do not get your account reinstated that does not mean you are banned forever from the game (not unless its an IP ban, which is rare unless you use a proxy). You are free to make a new account but you should probably email us to confirm it wont be deleted automatically.
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