All our forums have an array of volunteer moderators who help keep the boards clean for users of all ages, backgrounds, and interests. These moderators have broad abilities and rights to delete posts and ban users at their discretion in order to keep clean and improve the atmosphere of the boards. Specifically, moderators can and will delete:

* Blatant advertising of unrelated sites, programs, or services.

* Spam and multiple postings of similar messages

* Insults, flames, and attacks on other individuals or groups

* Off-topic posts - strongly prohibited in the Bugs section

* Posts containing inappropriate language or content.

* Posts encouraging illegal or unethical behavior

* Posting locations - Not allowed under any circumstances. Not even your own.

* "Trolling" (posts only intended to stir up trouble) - If in doubt avoid it, and you should have no problems.

If you see a post that violate these rules, report the thread and post in question and it will be taken care of. As long as you do it nicely, you can also point out the violation to the author of the post.

In addition, moderators have the right to ban users who cause problems on these boards. Moderators are also authorized to delete all posts of a user who is consistently causing problems.

Because our moderators are human, each will have a different opinion on what is or is not acceptable content. Occasionally, posts will get deleted which maybe another moderator would leave alone -- this is simply part of the job. Users who keep their posts clean and friendly should have no problems whatsoever -- the moderators are users just like yourself and help to make these forums possible and enjoyable.