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Thread: Rules and consistency A winning combination.

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    Rules and consistency A winning combination.

    I had originally held off on this aspect of the plan to clean up our game and community. I anticipated that the cheat reports would absorb a lot of my time and they do - but no more waiting. I feel that hesitancy is not beneficial at this time.

    We are dedicated to taking every step necessary to clean up the game and the community to the best of our ability. We are dedicated to growth. This means new users cannot feel threatened or offended. In game or on the boards. This means (like the culture of casual cheating) some 'common practices' need to be expunged from the boards.

    In order to create this sort of environment we need a new and practical (albeit spartan) approach to rules, especially the punishment of offending posters. We need a transparent and fair system.

    To that end:

    1. If you post anything that the moderation or community team feel is inappropriate or wrong* then you have 'infracted'.

    2. To 'infract' = 1 day ban. Your post is edited/removed.

    3. 3rd infraction = 1 week ban and user is on 'Level 1'. Your post is edited/removed.

    4. To 'infract on level 1' = 1 week ban . Your post is edited/removed.

    4. 3rd infraction on level 1 = 1 month ban and user is on 'Level 2'. Your post is edited/removed.

    5. Any infraction on level 2 after the 1 month ban = permanent ban. Your post is edited/removed.

    If Bishop and I feel that a poster's offending comments are reaching into 'higher levels' (say a new user opens with a salvo of abuse or indeed spams adverts) then that poster may be fast tracked through this process.

    In return are some simple rules that the community team (currently the regular team is Bishop and myself) must follow in return. This is no democracy but we must rule fairly:

    1. We will correct any erroneous bans if we find that the poster was treated harshly.

    2. We will be unbiased, firm and fair. If a poster insults Bishop I will be the 'lead investigator' in that infraction. If a poster insults myself Bishop will 'take point'. If someone insults both of us (or everyone in general) then we will do our best to remain impartial.

    What can be infracted? Well the violations (taken from this post which therefore still applies) include, but are not limited to:

    * Blatant advertising of unrelated sites, programs, or services.

    * Spam and multiple postings of similar messages

    * Insults, flames, and attacks on other individuals or groups

    * Off-topic posts - strongly prohibited in the Bugs section

    * Posts containing inappropriate language or content.

    * Posts encouraging illegal or unethical behavior

    * "Trolling" (posts only intended to stir up trouble) - If in doubt avoid it, and you should have no problems.

    These are the rules. Please follow them. This is not a means of suppressing a right to express opinions (after all you have no right to be rude to another for this infringes on their own rights). This is to protect those who cannot protect themselves and, in the end, to encourage a flourishing community.

    The interpretation and application of forum rules is always an inexact science. Common sense, transparency and consistency are key. The exact model used can and should be open to adjustments and because of this we anticipate that there will be a transition period. The above may simply be the first iteration of a final working formula.

    We will however be applying these rules now.

    If you've any comments mail or PM me.
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