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    Rankings Archive

    Last night on my home computer there was a link in my menu for Rankings Archive. I went there and all the rankings since age 1 were available.
    Now I am in Utopia at work and that link is not there. I have uTools on both computers so what I see on one I should still see on the other.
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    check your versions?
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    It was requested in one of the previous version that the ranking archive be added to the menu with uTools, It was done, however if its not showing up on one of the computers, ensure you have the most up to date version, at the time of writing that is 0.752.

    In order to quickly check the version you have, you can goto firefox, click "Tools" from the menu, click "Add-ons", and u will see uTools there with its current version, click "Find Updates" and you should be able to auto-update.

    On the off chance you have a version that you got from mozilla's addon site (0.737), you can just goto my the site in my signature and download that, doing so will overwrite your current version but will leave your setting untouched.
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    I figured it out. I have been using only a fraction of the options in this add-on. It was only last night that I bothered to go through the UTools preferences thoroughly. I thought 'fix menu' meant the menu would stay in one place, and wondered why you also had 'floating left menu'. duh... so I have checked the box and all is revealed :)

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    Unfortunately, the main rankings for much of utopia's history still is not available. For much of Utopia's existence, there was a "Battlefields' server, and a "World of Legends" server. the battlefields server was the competitive server and thus the one where rankings were most meaningful. Unfortunately, the meaning of the servers was most likely never explained to the developers and they therefore assumed that the main competitive server, Battlefields, was some side server and thus the rankings are not available.

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