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Thread: FREE is now recruiting

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    Feb 2012

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    Amazed by the fact that Utopia and FREE is still alive and kicking. :-)
    Just created a province and working on catching up on all the changes. Still remember all the fun we had when coordinating attacks and my grief when seeing my province reduced to <100 acres...
    Miss the fun. Hope everyone is ok. What happened to our Ukranian friend?
    I will relearn the game and irc. Let me know if there will be an open spot for the next age (if I am not persona non grata...).
    Yours Iznogoud aka Jens

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    Oct 2009
    We probably have a spot or more for next age if anyone wants to come war

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    Oct 2011
    99 is our discord channel. Can also send me a DM there "roy" is the name. Still looking.

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