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    News Articles

    The people that write the news articles are all volunteers that do this for the betterment of the community and game. If you would like to join the news team the details are here.

    If you would like an article about your war, or have an idea for an article you can contact the team, who are listed here.

    While an effort is made to gather a report from all sides in war articles this is not always forthcoming. Every attempt is made to remain unbiased though this lack of information (which will be noted) should be taken into account when reading the articles. It is not feasible to withhold articles because a kingdom doesn't like them. If you would like to refute a point made you are free to PM the author and ask for more details to be posted, or post in the thread for that article yourself.

    Complaints about articles can be directed to the individual authors, or to an editor. Off topic posts will be removed as per standard forum rules, in addition, posts about grammar or pertaining to acquiring kingdoms permission can/will be removed.
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    Quick update on this:

    This forum has now been opened for registered users to post in.

    The forum is now for discussing current events in Utopia. I assume 99% of these discussions will be wars. These discussions will more heavily moderated than the rest of the forums. We encourage people who are usually against posting in the forums to feel free to do so.

    Threads will be linked in game, so please make the thread names simple so you can know what the thread is about at a glance. The current "Kd A vs Kd B" that people are using in Utopia Talk is a good example.

    I think that's all I wanted to say, so enjoy your new toy

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