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Thread: Dwarf, and what personality to Suit

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    I can't tell if darz azn is serious about tact. The 15% attack time saves some space on rax yes... but credits bonus is a little silly... Not sure on the math yet, but instinct tells me merchant > tactician for growth. But please elaborate on it if u want darkz...

    Whoring is odd topic to me and my noobness

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    The raze credits are actually quite valuable to an experienced player who knows how to fluidly adjust build to adapt to an adversary in war, not to mention a credits boost maximizes the dwarf's already unbelievable pumping abilities between wars, so the tactician's build credits bonus isn't at all wasted on a dwarf. The specs credits is of course just as valuable to a dwarf as to any race. The accurate intel in war means you'll never lose thieves gathering intel and sort of amounts to a +3% OME if you're sending all your offense out, and the built-in-speed with QF means you'll be reliably hitting at about the same speed as an avian with free build so your land will always be built immediately. The dwarf tact is a nice combo. I'm not saying it's best, but it's easy to see its virtues.

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    I hate losing tons of thieves to sots.

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    Hey I messed up can took heritc attempting to go atm any suggestions

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    Dont resurrect a thread that is 6 years old (a lot of old age info that does not apply to current age)

    Make a new thread!
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    Should tank up and hang out at the top of your KD page! Don't even worry about ops unless an opportune target presents itself. If your KD doesn't think you're hybrid you can whore all the honor you want!
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    Why am I responding to a 6 year old thread
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