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Thread: Veteran Returning

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    Veteran Returning

    Hey all,

    I decided to return after a long break of 2-3 years.
    I have been playing on and off since around age 10, started in some random kingdoms, been monarch of a warring kd for 4-5 ages and then got invited to absalom alliance by a kingdom mate.
    From there I joined Pantheon:
    you can look at ages 35,36,38 (NW charts) and age 37 honor charts, we got #1nw/honor age 36 and then #3 honor at age 37.
    After that I played in Grace of Absalom which turned into Fury of absalom after a few age, which were half warring/half nw gaining.
    And finally I decided to join a more pure warring kd, and played a few ages with Vice And Virtue which were getting 6-8 war wins per age (btw BFD is a great monarch).

    I also love Theorycrafting and simulated starts for most of the kds I have played in, including the top ones.

    I played a wide variety of roles: pure attacker, Attacker theif, pure T/M, attacking mage, and any weird combination you can think about.

    I am looking for a high end kindgom which aims to top the charts, doesn't matter if it's nw/honor/ww

    I can communicate over irc/skype/facebook/whatsapp or whatever else

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    Hey EazyE, Modesty, a warring kingdom is looking at aiming high on the war wins chart this age and we're looking for players to fill up the heavy attacker roles. Your experience, leadership and in-game knowledge will definitely be essential in helping us to our kingdom's aim. This is our recruitment thread: Feel free to drop by #modtemp to talk to one of us :) Cheers!

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    When you are done there thinking meh,you could hump in Canwe-public on utonet and have a chat with me or one of my friends about playing in a friendly warring kd where you dont have to set an alarm to attack if you dont want to.With us you can follow your own attack scedule as long as its 2 times a day in war ;)

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    We have 1 last spot in Simians swing by irc at utonet #simians ask for anri or crazymatt

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    I thank you all, for your kind offers
    I have found my new kingdom, have a great age everyone :)

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