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Thread: Age 58 has forgot my reservation to stay in previous kd.

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    Post Age 58 has forgot my reservation to stay in previous kd.


    I (player ID:E66C4CC6) played in ()previous age and did actively choose to stay in same kd (was going to act as monarch this age). However, when this age started, I was placed in random kingdom. Could admin please help me with that? Here are a few province names from my previous kd (if you dont keep track on precis kd-ID:s you might be able to find my kd by searching for following provinces this age):
    Cinderella, big hill, asmallpricetopay, redcow, freyr...

    I would appreciate if you admin could help me :)

    Best regards

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    may be quicker to e-mail support also, link is in the bottom part of Bishops posts


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    Given that you have already mailed and i told you the information we required i am not sure why you posted here.
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