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Thread: Faery army composition

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    Faery army composition

    How should a typical Faery allocate their soldiers in a warring kd. 100% elites or 50% elites and 50% dspec??? I have never played Faery, and was just curious what others did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bthomps View Post
    How should a typical Faery allocate their soldiers in a warring kd. 100% elites or 50% elites and 50% dspec??? I have never played Faery, and was just curious what others did.
    2-3 dspec/acre max rest leets. I'm running 1.5 right now as an fyi. pulled about 108 dpa pre war.

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    I've been running a 1:1 ospec to leet ratio as faery merchant. The GS/Hops/Merchant credits have made for a very durable army who's defense is more or less constant. You gain almost equal credits to losses on your ospec and that leaves money to train more leets to make up for defensive losses.

    If you are playing purely defensivly you should really hope you are UB from the start, otherwise you are going to have a bad time. But if you do, you want to have all elites less dspecs that will be used for dragon slaying. If you are turtling you want as many peasents per acre to help you with your economy, and make room for good tpa/wpa.
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    But in war you should probably be building d-spec anyway instead of elites, so you can put more gc to the dragon. Or at least, further down the getto pole where the second dragon is hard to launch (and some moron sends the first in UF, not even hostile yet!) you really ought to be pushing dragons hard, since dragon is normally the difference in wars at this level.

    I'm currently playing Faery Merch attacker, targeting an A/e role in particular (so 60-65% DR, 3ish rTPA, 2ish rWPA - force them to break something to take my pes. Answer, btw, is break my def with mass, but meh, most gettos don't see why it is so good.)

    BTW - how much killing of dragon is too much usually? I just took out 1/3 of the total on my own, and am wondering if I overdid it. Most of that was o-specs actually, and I only send te second batch (10k of the 25k I've sent) after they hit me a couple of times so I was 3k over-pop. Figured I'd just shed NW and fight as one of the smaller guys - my remaining off is plenty to 1x and maybe 2x their small provs. But I'm not sure that was the best plan, so thoughts?

    (And, on OP's topic - how much is too much for a T/M? Since we assume he's playing that and not this attacking faery ****, er... "junk".)
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    80 draft ,50/50 offspecs/leets ,2-3tpa

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