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Thread: Possible problem on adds

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    Possible problem on adds

    Since 2 days ago it has been so that when certain adds try to come on above and right side of screen everything on that screenpage stops. Adds does not come and comes information that that page does not answer. The regular page like *news* or *Throne* loads itself but adds which does not load stops everything also that regular page currently loaded.

    When I click away browser and start it again and push Utopia the same page comes on and works fine again obviously with new adds and not the ones which stopped everything. After changhing page certain time I suppose add circulation goes around and those adds comes again and stop the game again and has to do the same browser thing agaon to continue.

    Just want to make attention to this so that it can be looked if those adds has some code problem which stopps the loading.

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    I know this is not the right place. But when i login over phone i can no longer respond to ingame mails. It has been rather annoying. When i hit reply a huge code shows up in reply window. Been to lazy to report the problem.




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    Also an other thing. During this age several accounts have been made into our Kingdom so that province just appears and then nothing happens and that spot is unawailable for new active player as long as it has been taken away. It is good that protection time has been dropped to 24 so that those can be taken away. BUT I would make suggestion into game so that Monarch has possibility to destroy those provinces as soon as 24 hours are gone. There are obviously players in Utopia whose habbit it to factorize accounts as much as possible and fill-up smaller Kingdoms so that they never can get filled-up with active real players. That is sad, but that is also why I would ask Utopia Lords to consider this change for game that Monarch has the possibility to destroy them as soon as they come OOP. If they have not trained or build any acres by then, it is obvious they wont play and hey are just chostprovinces made by most likely by small groups on players in Utopia.

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    Please use the bugs forum for bugs and make a separate thread for separate issues, thanks.
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