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Thread: Request: Interesting, Modern Theme

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    Request: Interesting, Modern Theme

    All of these themes that have currently been posted are, as Palem calls it, bare-bones minimum. They take out "all the flashy images" as he says. But I like those "flashy images." As a matter of fact I think this game could use some more flashy images.

    I don't really have a good grasp on what to ask for, but I know that plain bland white (or even dark/black) background is just too boring for me. I'd rather use the default theme than any of the ones anybody has posted so far.

    I say this to give you something else to think about and try besides just making it all plain and, as I would call it, boring.

    The person with the Facebook suggestion has my vote. I like the blue and the modern style. It's very similar because it's got stationary columns with a column that scrolls which is really the same idea here, but Facebook is far more this decade.

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    Here's your starting point:

    Its not that hard to play around with.
    if you get stuck hop on irc.
    Channe: #UtoThemes

    Just keep in mind that the page layout is already defined, you can just style it. Unless you want to build a browser plugin that is...
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    I like your suggestion, this is what comes to my mind:
    For different kind of messages there should be some images to cycle through, like black burned wizards with that hats fallen of, while surrounding some tipped-over cauldron.

    Perhaps even some more race-dependent images as well. And most important, something fun to add to your successful ops or attacks. Allowing for an even greater sense of satisfaction.

    But apart from thinking up an idea, it takes people to draw those images and that is something that I cannot help with. My choice to strip down the theme comes from my own preferences to have faster navigating through the Utopia pages, while I am on a limited connection mobile phone.

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