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    Quote Originally Posted by munk View Post

    Got myself a prettier website: -- be sure to check out the forums

    Find me on utonet on #munkbot to ask questions :)

    This is what CR uses. It has similar features to stingernet plus a number of other ones. It includes an activity tracker (internal and external), links to prep and province simulators to help you prepare for conflicts or think through strategy, and has fully customizable views that are designed to be exported into other tools for setting up waves. It is both a website and a bot.

    It also tracks op success rates over time and will automatically calculate WPA for provinces you collect all intel on. (You can force it with !wpacalc on IRC).

    It also has incorporated tools similar to utools.

    Any KD can get it as it takes me 1-2 hrs to set it up fully for a new KD. It's 'free' but donations are very welcome for the time spent.

    See below for screenshots:


    See more screenshots here:

    Get it?
    Contact Munk on IRC or PM me here.

    tracks ops
    tracks attacks
    show intel
    integrated with whatsapp and can call/sms.
    perform calcs (soldswap / wpacalc / defence home / practical offence / offense keeping set defense and much more)
    We're hoping to hear from you soon Munk.
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    I'm a umunk illiterate. How do you integrate umunk with Slack?
    I have made a KD Slack but just dont understand how to pull in umunk.

    Can anyone help an idiot like me?

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    Hey munk. Looking for a reply from you to H00dedclaw please? You'll get your "donations" and then some. 133 DKK when its set up and working good for you? I amy also have coding work for you if you're interested.
    How do I get the funky signature thingys like the cool kids have?

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    The .rsom isn't very easy to read in Slack

    Using the bot box in-game gives spaces between armies, but there are no spaces when using the command in Slack. Any way to address that or is it something that Slack users will have to deal with, like no colors? :(

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shrinky View Post
    To see whether it's worth the ambush. Lots of elites sent? Worth it. Majority specs and less elites and high-ish defense to break? Not really worth it.
    That's what Octo's saying though, munkbot calculates how much defense it'll take to break, therefore letting you know if it's worth ambushing.
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