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Thread: Most Powerful Kingdom This Age

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    Most Powerful Kingdom This Age

    This is a strategy I came up with that I really wanted to use and think will be very strong (especially this age)...but since our KD didn't want to do it...I just wanna throw the idea out there.

    25 Avian/War Hero

    I've experimented with attacking from fort stance into fort stance. What do you get?
    Comparison: Normal to Normal - Fort to Fort
    Acres: 100 - 25
    Honor: 60 - 50
    Credits: 300 - 300

    What does that mean?
    You get 2 honor per acre (instead of .6)
    You get 12 credits per acre (instead of 3)

    So what's the point?
    Avian/War Hero fort stance training time
    -80% -- 12 credits per acre = 12 epa (-losses from hospitals = more credits than you need to maintain offense and even grow with the small incoming acres)
    Using War Spoils, you can immediately train your new acres to grow with your attacks
    Avian Attack Time boost helps considerably
    Who cares if you can't train specs with credits? Specs are so cheap! Especially in fort stance at a 210gc cost.

    At 2 attacks per day, you're making about 500-700 honor per week. But also staying slim and completely war pumped. Within 6 weeks, it's highly possible to have a KD full of Viscounts/Counts -- all with the 2x bonus. Do this until you're satisfied - go to prince if you need to (though a war would help at some point).

    NOW, you start looking for war (or keep farming honor, up to you). We all know what happens when you "chain" an avian...they bounce back so fast and keep going. Additionally, they have those bonuses and +sabotage dmg. But you can't let them all grow? Then you just die...

    Additionally, the entire KD is immune to effects of Dragon. The entire KD is immune to effects of Plague (I have a feeling Undead will be popular this age). Sure...go ahead and ambush them in war -- they keep their honor and hit harder. You're also at a catch 22 with anon. Don't anon when you hit them, they can ambush/trad you and be back to trad you again before your army is back. (With the except of Dwarf Tactician...) But there aren't too many of those this age.

    Question 1: Should this be in the strategy thread? If so...sorry :S
    Question 2: Thoughts? There are still 24 hrs for an ambitious KD to do this. I really think it's strong.

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    I didn't vote against it.
    I couldn't vote for it because I'm quiet out of war, unless provoked. I like it and think it's smart and I'd like to see someone else give it a whirl.
    Before the negatudes get here and post I'd like them to attempt to be a refreshing drop of water instead of acid.

    PS I might have to rethink my role. LoL, I just relized I'm expected to commit violence unprovoked. ;-)
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    Correct me then, instead of being a dick about it.
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    I *really* like this idea- was Avian/WH last age and had so much fun I'm running it again. High attack speed is double edged sword, so easy to get fat too quickly. When Avians had minus 10% combat gains it was actually kind of helpful, staying in fort would do the same thing. Biggest problem I could see is AvianWHs' poor economy- I love attacking and would hit daily- which makes it really hard to stay pumped. I'm curious to see how the new credits mechanic affects this...

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    don't forget the new changes to fort...hitting FROM fort into another fort gives you such small acre gains that you are EASILY able to stay fully pumped! ^_^

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    i cant imagine 25 dedicated ppl which pulls off 3 uniques a day to test this out only :)

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    synchronicity wave.
    Problem imo, is that fundamentally wars are decided by loading honor on unbreakables at war tier level and Cows/ tm on whoring tier.
    Avian can't secure the honor at comparative size. :/
    Would work well on a core, but you'd still have to supplement with Cows /Tm.
    Just imo

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    problem: honor gains are relative. the more honor you have compared to your target, the less honor you get from attacks.

    problem: you hit people from fort, they declare you and rape all your honor.

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    I like the way you think. I'd experiment the hell out of that.

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    Bishop, this shizz is in the wrong forum area :)
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    sick idea just bad eco

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