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Thread: Godly recruiting a few old men

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    Godly recruiting a few old men

    I've formed a kingdom with the majority of the top current players on the server. We're fairly inactive, some cant commit to a full round, but we're having fun, so it's a good opportunity to have fun with us if you're not playing due to time restrictions. Have a few open slots so recruiting a few players.

    I'm looking for people that I already know or have played with because again the goal is to play with people I know regardless of activity (or talent to some degree) that just want to login a couple times a day and laugh at some noobs. I know there are a few of you guys out there. Come join us :D

    I will only look for interest in this thread and I will be extremely selective -- mainly because you'd have to pass a unanimous vote (or at least not get 1 "no").
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    how dare you be inactive

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