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Thread: Android App

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    To everyone who reported issues with the app: Thank you. I pushed an update a few moments ago that should fix the Download Throne issue due to the HTTPS update. (Thanks for Cody for calling that out in your report--made my life a lot easier).

    Good luck this age, everyone!

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    Any update planned for the new age? Spells dont work and science is of course very different now.

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    very much appreciate the application you have created and your continued dedication to maintaining this useful tool.
    the new science system should translate better for smaller screens and make it more manageable later in the age as scientists accumulate. since the new system rewards activity, users will be allocating books much more frequently to minimize losses from Learn attacks and instantly realize the effects of allocated books; use cases which the app is well poised to leverage.

    considering the need to reassign scientists will be less frequent and each of the 3 categories (Economy, Military, Arcane Arts) contains 5/6 science types to which books can be allocated on a tick by tick basis, collapsible sections would intuitively focus user input and minimize the risk of inadvertently reassigning. whether collapsing all by default, auto-expanding the section with the most unallocated books, or allowing users to toggle section visibility, any means of focusing input would be a welcome addition. as the Age ticks on and scientists accumulate, instead of a lengthy scroll, users can just expand nested categories of interest.

    the state of core Utopia game-play via mobile, to put it politely, is cumbersome at best so thank you for dedicating your time and talents to making the game more portable/glanceable! also, if you haven't already, it would be awesome if you joined the community on Discord.

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    Sorry to bump an old thread. Had a wave of nostalgia hit me and was curious to see how the game is doing. Appears to be going strong...still no mobile app but it sounds like one is in the works? Haven't been able to find much info on it though, hopefully it's released soon, would like to jump back in.

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    Why is this still stickied? Seems like the app link doesn't work. Is this still alive at all?

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