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Thread: Province Management Spreadsheet

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    hi i think your max-pop formula is missing a set of brackets on d37

    should be =(((((SUM(L5:L33)*25)+(L34*15))*LOOKUP(C4,AJ9:AJ14,AK9:AK14))+O6)*(1+Q42)*(1+C40))
    instead of =((((SUM(L5:L33)*25)+(L34*15)*LOOKUP(C4,AJ9:AJ14,AK9:AK14))+O6)*(1+Q42)*(1+C40))

    only noticed cause i rolled a gnome and max pop was 9200 instead of 8450 as stated in spreadsheet (i know its a new age but the pop bonus is the same from last age)

    thanks again for the spreadsheet

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    Thanks, I'll make sure that's corrected in the update :)

    Speaking of which, the update may take a bit, I've got a pretty full week. Thanks for your patience!

    EDIT: Ok, found some time and the sheet is now updated for Age 88! Enjoy :)
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    thanks :)

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    Hello Crys,

    First and foremost, thank you so much for this spreadsheet. It made the experience of coming back after 8 years much easier. There are few things I did on the file that might help the community. I'm sharing the file here where I have added "Data Dump" tab which allow the user to just copy paste the pages in the game (i.e. Throne page, Science page and Building council page) and the values on this file (Land size, troop counts, science learned and building count) automatically gets updated. The user need to exactly select the same text indicated in the "data dump" tab.
    Link - gofile .io/d/askmFB (i don't have much post so can't post the link, please delete the SPACE after ".io")

    Second, I notice that the calculation on the max population doesn't seem to tie up with the actual population. I might be wrong but shouldn't the calculation be like this ==>> (((total acres * 25)+Homes Population) * (1+honor bonus) * (1+science bonus)*(1+Race Bonus)) whereas the current max population is taking into account built and barren acres which I think is supposed to mean number of population that can be housed? Currently, I'm at 860 acres with 160 unbuilt land (in progress) with the following details:
    1. Human/War Hero - No Pop bonus
    2. Lord as Honor level - 2% Pop bonus
    3. Pop Science - 0%
    4. Homes at 5% - 43 bldgs or 430 additional population

    The State page shows my max population is 22369 and total population is 22369 as well. Using the original formula in your excel template:
    ((((built acres * 25)+(barren acres * 15)) * (1+Race bonus)+Homes Pop)*(1+Honor bonus)*(1*Science bonus))
    ((((700 * 25)+(160 * 15)) * (1+0)+430)*(1+2%)*(1*0%))
    ((((17,500)+(2,400)) * (1)+430)*(1.02)*(1))
    ((((17,500)+(2,400)) * (1)+430)*(1.02)*(1))
    (((19,900 * (1)+430)*(1.02)*(1))

    The calculated max population does not tie up with the ones showing on my State page. However, using this formula:
    (((total acres * 25)+Homes Population) * (1+honor bonus) * (1+science bonus)*(1+Race Bonus))

    The above formula matches the actual max population. I hope this helps improving the file.
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