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Thread: Age 68 Preliminary changes

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    Age 68 Preliminary changes

    You best put seatbelts on your eyes, because i'm going to take them for the ride of their lives.

    Seriously, a lot of changes here - yes, this will probably be fairly unbalanced (and may change a lot, including some things not happening at all) so please make your suggestions here.


    Age 67 End: Saturday 16th April at 12PM GMT
    Age 68 Freeze Start: Saturday 16th April at 6PM GMT
    Age 68 Protection Start: Sunday 17th April at 6PM GMT
    Age 68 Protection End: Monday 18th April at 6PM GMT

    -25% Attack travel time
    Cannot be ambushed
    +1 General

    Elite: 9/3, 725gc, 8.75 NW
    Spellbook: Fanaticism, Greater Protection

    Free Building Construction and Can Use Credits To Raze Buildings
    -50% Building Construction Time
    -50% food consumption

    Can’t use Accelerated Construction

    Spellbook: Mystic Aura, Pitfalls
    Elite: 7/7, 800gc, 10NW

    +1 defensive specialist strength
    -30% defensive losses
    +100% land effect from Towers

    Spellbook: Pitfalls, Invisibility, Fools Gold
    Elite: 7/6, 750gc, 8.5NW


    + 20% Combat Instant Spell Damage
    + 20% Sabotage Operation Damage
    + 20% Spell Duration
    +1 mana per tick in war
    +1 stealth per tick

    Spellbook: All racial spells and Tree of Gold
    Elite: 6/8, 1000gc, 10.5NW

    +50% Thievery Operation Success (TPA)
    -50% thief cost
    +10% population
    +1 offensive specialist strength

    Spellbook: Aggression, Mages Fury
    Soldiers 3/3 Elite: 6/6, 500gc, 8.5NW

    + 30% income
    Immune to Income Penalties

    -20% Spell Success

    Spellbook: Fountain of Knowledge, Quick Feet
    Elite: 9/4, 750gc, 9.25NW

    +20% Battle Gains
    Free draft
    +25% Enemy casualties when attacking

    -10% science effectiveness

    Spellbook: Reflect Magic, Clear Sight
    Elite: 12/2, 800gc, 10.5NW

    -75% Offensive losses on attacks you make
    Spreads and is Immune to The Plague
    No Food Required

    Basic Thievery (Intel operations only)

    Spellbook: Town Watch, Animate Dead
    Elite: 11/3, 950gc, 10NW


    The Cleric
    -30% Your Military Casualties (on attack or defense)
    Immune to The Plague
    Access to Pitfalls
    Starts with +800 soldiers and +800 specialist credits

    The Heretic - new
    Wizards do not die on failed spells
    Thieves do not die on failed operations
    Successful spell casts get 50% of rune cost refunded
    Access to Nightmares
    Starts with +100 Wizards and +200 thieves

    Merchant - removed

    The Mystic
    All Guilds are twice as effective
    +30% Spell Success
    +50% Magic Science Effectiveness
    Access to Meteor Showers, Chastity
    Starts with +200 Wizards

    The Rogue
    +1 Stealth recovery per tick
    + 100% land effect from Thieves Dens
    Access to all thievery operations, including 3 unique to rogues: Greater Arson, Assassinate Wizards and Propaganda
    +75% Thievery Science Effectiveness
    Access to Vermin
    Starts with +400 thieves

    The Sage
    Protect 75% of science on attacks
    Every 2 acres generates 1 book of science
    Access to Amnesia
    Starts with 40000 science books

    The Tactician
    -15% Attack Time
    Accurate Espionage
    Access to Clear Sight
    Starts with +800 soldiers and +800 specialist credits

    The Warrior
    +15% Offensive Military Efficiency
    Enhanced Conquest range
    Access to Bloodlust
    Starts with +800 soldiers and +800 specialist credits

    The War Hero
    +100% Honor Effects
    Converts some Specialists into Elites on successful land attacks
    Immune to Dragon and Income penalty effects
    Access to War Spoils
    Starts with 400 elites


    Science: Extreme science removed. Buildings will generate science directly into specific categories based on building type.

    Unit Strength:
    Buffing unit strenghts as below
    Specialists to 6
    Mercs/prisoners to 4
    Horses to 2
    Soldiers to 2

    The Wall: New monarch option to block randoms provinces from joining a kingdom. Causes kingdoms wages to increase by 20%.

    War win reward: Not granted if the kingdoms are out of range at war start.

    War declaration: Requires 2 different people to have attacked.

    Fortified and End of War ceasefire: maximum time reduced to 48 hours each. Double wizards removed.

    Aggressive stance attack time buffed to -15%.

    Draft locked and timer message: Will be displayed on the military page around age start.

    Aid page: Will inform you that sending aid counts as an aggressive action.

    Anonymity: This spell will case the target to lose honor, but the attack will not gain it.

    Tree of Gold: Reduced amount gained form this spell by 30%.

    Guilds: Unaffected by BE for the purposes of calculating spell duration.

    War: now suspends the stance timer rather than overrides it.

    Empty kingdoms: I'll be able to create new empty kingdoms to move people into should they wish to start a new kingdom. Minimum 3 people to create a kingdom, 7 free invites provided.

    Admin stuff
    : a bunch of backend improvements to allow me to suspend, kick people out of accounts and deactivate people quicker. YAY.

    Mail: Fixed sent mail being read by sender marking it as read for receiver.
    Intra kingdom attacks: After a number of intra kingdom attacks further attacks are blocked until day change by Oops messages. We don't know why, so we removed and rewrote that entire section.
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