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Thread: My Raging Clue vs Confessions of Lotus

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bronnt View Post
    Yeah. CoL executed extremely well. Tons of little mistakes on our end added up: One of our biggest mysts just dropping 4.5 raw wpa before war by mistake. We let one of our big attackers who was in really good shape end up with 0 incoming and he got nailed. We had a few of our hitters (and we didn't have many hitters) fail to get armies out in time. Our war set-up never left us a ton of cushion, either: we had to keep attackers surviving and clinging to offense as long as possible.
    Yeah, kinda agree..But no regrets. We entered into this age with no expectations. We did not even have a tight KD pers/race selection. We just wanted to war as much as we can and engage the best KDs out there.It was our first time as 25 province KD, and although we already had a WW crown before, this is a different weight class altogether.

    Congratz COL...Hope you get that crown...and hope to meet you again next age. ;p

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    I swear that gf is a KGB spy from CoL

    Just watch. No more gf after EOWCF

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    I'm just catching up.

    Congratulations Confessions of Lotus! Nice seeing you guys rocking the charts.

    I've been contemplating The Virtual Kingdom so I've been scanning strategy forum a bit much lately.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bishop View Post
    Correct me then, instead of being a dick about it.
    love that thick mahogany back with no belly carve or anything...pure thick wood ! The thing ROCK is made of !
    Weed bowls

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sinaman10101 View Post
    I swear that gf is a KGB spy from CoL

    Just watch. No more gf after EOWCF
    We have few girls over here. There is some possibility

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    Ui TUWAD coming back!

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