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Thread: Feminist kingdoms

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    I like to post
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    I feel I am in part responsible for this policy change :$

    thanks for streamlining the reporting process!
    A Spartan always pays his debts.

    Age #60-now: #1 Greatest Kingdom in the History of Utopia Crown
    Age #65: WW crown
    Age #67: Honor crown
    Age #72: NW/Land Crown. First Kingdom in the History of Utopia to have #1-10 Land/NW provinces.

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    I put the 'e' in rap

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    @Bishop :
    To report content, just hover your mouse over it. You will see a little “report this” link appear at the top right corner of the content. Click on this to open the report dialog.
    Bishop, you da adMan. I like you a lot. I don't care what my Mommy says about you.

    Equal rights, Women's rights, Black lives matter, COPS lives matter, PETA, Poor Paris, Terror... endless drama and corruption.

    I am not religious. I don't go to church or temple, but I try to follow the Lord of Light. One Famous Quote:
    "Whoever is without sin may cast the first stone".

    Halta I cant PM you as you only has 3 post. You should post some more. My Ghetto has zero sexual references (so far), even in war chat. Its because we chat very little except war prep. Older mates, too busy for silliness I guess. Most these guys are too busy in RL.
    What KD are you in that has sex jokes? I suppose most have a random post like that if a mate is drunk.

    Barts Idea of feminism is a muslim woman allowed by her man to wear a conservative long dress and head scarf instead of a Burkah.

    @Khrono Its better to play in ghetto with integrity than in Heaven with a false halo. you can join me anytime brother. I'll buy the invite.
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    if its in the game... I like Bishop. I don't care what my Mommy says about him.

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    Did you just assume peaples Gender ?? What kind of Hate speack person are you ? (all of you! )

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