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Thread: Who uses Slack for coms...?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Folle View Post
    The rule that once said that no kingdom can force a player to use an external site, no longer exists?
    that rule was never enforced because you cannot force the controlling side of the kingdom to play with a player who isn't using it. Intra razes to adjust kingdom members was and will always be a thing

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    Personly found it to time consuming comming back to 900 messages after a day at work and it made the kingdom I played in there to inflexible since they ignored or did not see when I used the ingame chat or forum.

    It was never an option to install at my workplace, so I could not ask for aid or for targets while at work, the kingdom I was in before that was able to coordinate a full nm wave and chain in nw order in the ingame chat alone, even adding targets for latecommers in throne message.

    I've become aware that many kingdoms require this tool, but I would not willingly join another kingdom that uses it.

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