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Thread: Ghetto Nightmare VS Checkmate

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    Wow, a 19 day war. Thatīs crazy. Love seeing stuff like this. Donīt feel shy to post in news in future; Iīm sick of reading about the same old top wars and would much prefer to see this type of news coming up.

    To the 59 unique lads - you guys are absolute beasts.
    Josh; leader of a lovable band of misfits, Pinoys, and probable virgins.

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    Ghetto Fight Club is so much fun. I wish I had been in either KD. 19 day war. wow
    Our last 2 wars were 6 days each and that was brutal.
    Only one prov popped. That alone is amazing in such a long war.
    I will let you guys rebuild and rest and challenge one of you in the near future. I promise no ops except your news.

    @calya: there was a bit of a pissing contest in the war forums halfway through.
    In such a long war THAT is nothing

    Both KD are true warriors. TQ for your effort, TQ for your activity, Chain is a badge of courage.
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