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Thread: The U vs Sparta

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    if your best friend caught you cheating and snitches on you to your teacher, would your teacher call your friend out? if there's a hidden cam in your living room and your housekeeper have been sleeping on his job, would u explain to him in front of other housekeepers why he's being fired or would u just fire him?

    when its just too obvious maybe its the truth? when talking about cheating, these few names constantly pops up. wonder whose they are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by noobium View Post
    The drama is never too damn high.
    Amen; Some ppl only read any thread for the drama, and when I amp it up Bishop bans me, so I'll be nice.

    Sparta should get a placement fee.

    somebody stole my damn phone, but I found this from the Austin show. its not mine so don't pm her.

    nobody posts in NEWS as its been a week and I am still the top post
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