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Thread: Freeze Scientist Recruiting

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    Freeze Scientist Recruiting

    I understand scientists add NW..

    "Scientists also make a contribution to net worth based on their skill level. Every game day of experience that your scientists have is valued at 2.6gc, meaning that 100 professors would contribute about 44K gc."

    If that is the case - I am maxed, have spares, and still recruiting more NW that is adding no bonus to my prov...

    So would it not make sense to be able to pause science like we always have been able to?

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    Well everyone is on an equal playing field, so you must take that into account. Also it gives pseudo protection versus the amnesia spell. However, at some point amnesia later in age will be essentially impossible to lower experience to drop effectiveness. Maybe their should be a hard cap of like 200 or something for random generation. For those that still want added protection versus amnesia, you could still abduct past 200. Might have problems stopping code at 200 for radnom, get abducted, then have to turn it on again, but just a thought.

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    One option you have, if I'm understanding your concern correctly, is just to constantly swap excess scientists so they stay at lower experience levels and contribute less NW. You'd probably want to maintain a buffer against abduct/amnesia still, but the option is there.

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    yep, just click those 150 drop menues and switch em around.

    it is a reasonale feature to stop scientist production, especially since there is a "stop wiz production", option.

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    But there is a reason to be able to stop wizz production. At the moment the more scientists you have the more protected you are from amnesia. The NW scientists have is nothing.

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