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Thread: Age 71 Final Changes

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    Age 71 Final Changes

    Welcome Utopians! The Age of Daunting Judgement will end on Friday 10th March at 00:00 GMT.

    We would like to thank everyone for your feedback and help with devising what are now the final changes for Age 71.

    We hope that our commitment to developing Utopia into the strategy game that we all fell in love with can be seen as we bring back several strategic elements and work to resolve current issues that are a detriment to positive gameplay.

    Race penalties add another layer of strategy in that you must now learn to off-set your own penalties and use your enemies' penalties to your advantage.

    We've decided to be a bit more conservative than our original hopes when it comes to mechanics changes. While there are many things we would like to fix, we don't want to change too much at once....And as you will see, we have changed a lot already!
    Please make sure you take a look at the Mechanics section as quite a few things have been done, don't say we didn't warn you!

    Mobile users (or people who don't like spoilers) please use the bottom spoiler for an easier to navigate option!

    Also note that freeze time is much shorter for this round, with just 42 hours from end of age to start of new age!
    Age 70 End: Friday March 10th at 00:00 GMT
    Age 71 Freeze Start: Friday 10th March at 06:00 GMT
    Age 71 Protection Start: Saturday 11th March at 18:00 GMT
    Age 71 Protection End: Sunday 12th March at 18:00 GMT

    Age 71 FINAL Changes

    Mobile Option (No Spoilers - Less clicking)
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