Greetings Utopians!

We would like to welcome everyone to The Metamorphosis! As we usher in a new era of Utopia we hope to invigorate and excite the community with lots of action, strategic age changes that are enjoyable for all levels of players, and most importantly a dedicated team working hard to provide a healthy game environment that will lure in old and new blood alike to join our ranks in the great struggle of the Utopian world!

As part of our dedicated team, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce an integral member who has been working diligently to get Utopia ready to deploy into the future! He has been part of the community for quite a long time, he has developed an intimate knowledge of the mechanics through his years of playing the game with us and has worked tirelessly these past few weeks to learn his way around the code to grant us all the opportunity to see the changes we have so desperately waited for.

We've offered you all a plethora of mechanics changes mixed with what we hope to be a great balance of racial and personality changes that will invite a new level of strategy for us all to enjoy. We endeavor to provide you all with the opportunity to experience all that Utopia has to offer. For those that may not know, our goals are set very high. We expect to open up a new server, similar to what Genesis used to be, and have more ideas for a 3rd 'tournament' style fun server. Both of these new additions will no doubt require extensive work in the background from our entire team, but we are dedicated to making these things happen.

I am proud to announce Christian Munk as an official member of the Utopia team. His software development experience specializes in the languages that Utopia is written in so he was a perfect fit for us. His passion and dedication to the Utopian community is self evident from his extensive (charitable) contribution of munkbot. His drive to succeed and produce results is unwavering and is a major asset and we are glad to have him join us. You should all be excited that we plan to integrate (as you may well notice) some of the features the munkbot script provides in the game. However, we want to ensure everyone that in no way will people be 'forced' to utilize the munkscript product. We plan to integrate certain functions that enhance gameplay natively into the game and we will allow other features to be 'add-on' as an option if you so choose. Many more features will be tested in the test environments that we will begin running in the near future and will offer these additional features for those who want to utilize them. And for the avoidance of doubt I would like to make clear that in the short term Utopia and munkbot will stay separate, and that Munk has officially stepped back from the Utopia arena.

And with that, we present to you Age 71: The Metamorphosis.