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    Target Finder Contest

    Greetings Fellow Utopians!

    We are pleased to announce our first official public contest! Recently we have generated a public data dump of all Kingdom and Province information that can be found on your Kingdom page. We would now like to take this to the next level and use the community's skills to help improve the game by creating a more useful, intuitive, and informative Target Finder.

    You can access a publicly available dump of this data here

    I would like to state that we are not trying to remove or reduce the need for 3rd party tools; we understand the important functions they provide that cannot be found within the game. However, there are certain things that we do feel should be natively functional as part of the game itself and not only available to users via a 3rd party application, tool or website.

    Contest Information:
    We want you to use the Kingdom and Province information provided via our data dump to create a Target Finder.
    This Target Finder can (and should) have other cool and unique functions, such as providing general information about the server, top kingdoms, stances, honor and any other information that can be gathered and categorized into useful metrics. See example in Spoiler below!

    Submission Requirements:
    Your Target Finder must provide (at least) the following:
    - A search method to find and list provinces based on user input with filterable criteria (acres or nw or honor rank or race)
    - A search method to find kingdoms with additional filterable criteria, such as acres/nw/honor/stance

    Submission should be a solution based entirely on javascript and some CSS - You may use D3 / jQuery solutions.

    There is currently no deadline for this contest. We would like to keep this open for users interested in creating a solution plenty of time to create and develop their product. In time, we will put a deadline for any additional submissions but will give advance notice of this so that any finishing touches can be made for existing entries.

    Any submission that meets the minimum requirements and is approved by game staff to be put on the ballot for the final vote will receive 50 credits.
    The winner of the contest will be awarded 6 months of free premium status, plus public recognition on the Target Finder along with some other perks!

    What is premium you ask? Well, we haven't unveiled this yet but it will include a host of useful shop items and provide access to certain game functionality that will soon become publicly available. Specifically, there will be certain functions that will be available to all users X amount of times per age, once that amount has been used up you can purchase additional uses with shop credits or have a premium account to be granted additional uses as part of your premium status. Important note: these functions will not be a pay to win strategy so please refrain from public outcry until the actual features have been disclosed.

    Please use the thread found here for discussion on the contest

    You may make any submissions public via the discussion thread or privately via email to:
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