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Thread: Ingame Strategy Videos by You

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    Ingame Strategy Videos by You

    As part of the improvements being made by the new administration, the tick functionality will be improved. In order to do this the tick will be a fixed length of 60 seconds to help prevent missed or stuck ticks and may allow for tick based updates for kingdom pages, rankings, etc.

    Players active ingame during the ticks will have the option to watch a 30 second player made strategy video to pass the time, among other things. Therefore, we need player made strategy videos. This is your chance to help educate the community and be immortalized ingame.

    Some potential topics include:
    1) How to select targets during war
    2) Pumping - What is it and why is it advantageous
    3) Chaining (properly)
    4) Ambush
    5) When and how to use conquest
    6) Nightstriking with the correct TPA (how to choose the right amount of thieves to send)
    7) How to make a successful attack
    8) Target selection
    9) How to use a target finder
    10) Building Strats (advantages for focused buildings or why not to rainbow)
    11) How to take advantage of small Aid shipments reducing tax (probably have time to discuss GBP and tax cap also)
    12) Gang Bang Protection, how it works (getting and losing)
    13) Adding or reducing hours to an attack (using it to make your attack times more convenient and how it affects gains)
    14) Stances (using them to your own advantage, and taking advantage of your opponents stance i.e. cooldowns/forced out/timing)
    15) Honor bonuses
    16) Hostile Meter and how it works and how to take advantage of it
    17) The power of snatch news (perhaps include strength of anon - proper anon may be enough for it's own video)
    18) Diplomacy
    19) science - what it is, why its important
    20) pking - when to use it, why its hard to do
    21) ....

    The videos should be exactly 30 seconds long. Both video and audio should be included but subtitles are also recommended so that they can be watched even without sound. The video may include footage of you speaking and/or ingame screenshots/video or other ideas. They should not contain copyrighted music, video, or images from outside sources without prior permission. By submitting your video you are granting full ownership rights to MUGA Gaming, LLC.

    You can email your video to:

    Discussion on topics, collaborations, questions, etc. can take place in this thread. You can also submit proposed scripts for these video segments if you don't want to record them yourself.

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    Splendid idea! Looking forward to the results!
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    now that is a really cool idea!

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    Great idea, I agree.

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    good to see improvements always


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    Awesome. I encourage some of you guys to step up since i'm tech inept and fly by the seat of my pants in game.

    You don't have to know everything to know how to rock, but it'd be nice to help instruct those that don't.

    ~ I will play the muse though. Hopefully I can spark one of you.

    Take selecting targets in war: We're assuming I have a limit of choices.

    My base calculation is 1.044 x target defense

    Since I don't use bots, to my advantage, I often gather intel near my next unique ETA.
    I copy/paste for kingdom consumption.

    I keep an eye on target activity via kingdom page.

    If I note the target is online I will scan for additional enemies online. If I see 1 or more enemies I'll gather intel on possible target options. Prelude to attack I might cast explosions on the intended target or use it as a false ping as to where I'll attack.

    If I'm chaining I base my attack on certain perameters. Can I bait the province to hit me instead of our bigger attackers? I thus draw them toward my nw to offer them max gains if they're larger.

    ...ok, that's enough. Like I said, just trying to be a muse. Hope that lit someone's imagination,lol.
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    Correct me then, instead of being a dick about it.
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    Is it really necessary to make the ticks 60 seconds? Can't you make them 15? or 30? I feel like the videos will get pretty old pretty fast for some people. I love the idea, I just think lowering the tick timer and making the videos optional would be a better route! IMO

    edit: The videos are probably optional already, but instead of waiting 60 seconds if you choose not to watch, or 30 seconds if you watch a video, it would be nice to go right back into the game!
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    There might be issues with a 60 second tick now that I think of it (thank to maugrim)... I've been in situations where someone only had like 5 min to make a hit. Some times the tick interruption is annoying enough, but making it 60 seconds might be really annoying for some people.
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    The 60 second tick is for game update reasons (not for the videos). The optional videos are just one way to pass the tick time.

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    It has never been even remotely close to 60 seconds in the past, why does it need to be so long now?

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    the 60s thing seems odd but i guess we can get over it... I have no diea about making vids, but if anyone wanted help; I am pretty decent at writing manuals, and have a pretty good grasp of majority of mechanics. DM or what have you!

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    Cool idea.

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    You mean shorter versions of something like this... <<< how to attack in UTO << or this REALLY outdated one? Old Sciences?
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    The tick generally takes ~30-45 seconds as it is. Our aim with locking the tick to 60 seconds will be to run additional checks to ensure the tick always occurs, allow for any db locks to clear before beginning the tick process, and create a uniform known time that the game is available to enter for everyone, which would always be xx:01:00.

    The Strategy Video will not be the only content on the tick page. We will fill the tick page with plenty of other useful content for users to browse if you choose to ignore the video. Things like recent news events, recent news stories (war reports etc from forums) will have snippets and links, in addition to other information possibly pertaining to your province related news for the coming tick. There has also been discussion (not confirmed yet) about the possibility of allowing user interaction (global chat) during the tick to help pass the time, if the additional 15-30 seconds required is that unbearable to withstand :)

    The goal of this thread is for the community and users to help generate ideas for these videos. They all don't need to be Strategy either, but we want to hear about what the users want to see. You can see the preliminary list provided by AquaSeaFoam, we're hoping the community will have lots of ideas to help us grow this list.
    As for some other videos, we also plan to throw in some 'this week in Utopia news' videos to keep everyone informed as to special events going on, whether it be new wars, concluding wars, big land grabs, avoided conflicts and whatever else may be interesting to note as the ages develop.

    We are very excited about this and believe it will be a positive step in the right direction for uniformity in the game, as well as providing some education to the less informed user base (and new players) that will inevitably join our ranks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidC View Post
    We are very excited about this and believe it will be a positive step in the right direction for uniformity in the game, as well as providing some education to the less informed user base (and new players) that will inevitably join our ranks!
    I definately agree that these are good steps for the game as a whole. Your dedication is appreciated

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