Good Day fellow Utopians,
I have great news for you all. As part of an initiative set in motion by our wonderful new additions to the moderator staff, our Strategy Forum leaders AquaSeaFoam and PersainCAT, would like to gather feedback from the community for a very special purpose. We will be producing a multitude of short 30 second Strategy videos. Obviously great detail can't be made in only 30 seconds but you'd be surprised by the volume of great information you can really cram into 30 seconds if you try hard enough!

I don't want to steal too much thunder so I'll leave the rest of the details to be found by going to this thread in Strategy. There you will find a more complete description of what they are looking for. We are very excited about this and hope it turns out to be a great success. AquaSeaFoam and PersainCAT will no doubt put together some incredibly useful and informative videos for us all to enjoy and educate ourselves with to make us all more competitive. Whether you're looking for tips and tricks or war strategy, get ready for information overload!