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    Greetings Utopians!

    I bring exciting news that we envision will initiate the revival of Utopia News and engage more of the Utopian community within the forums. I am proud to announce that DM_Benjamin will now head up the Utopia News section of our forums. We are very excited to have him join our team and look forward to all sorts of action ready to begin.

    As most of you know DM_Benjamin begun Triggered Utopia's Community Podcast under his own initiative and we would like to welcome more of that activity along with a multitude of written news articles that will showcase the entire server to provide a bit of spotlight for everyone.

    As part of our 60 second tick initiative we also want to provide space alongside the Strategy videos that will help educate us all on becoming a better player by utilizing some of the best practices that are used by the more experienced players, we would like to provide some direct links and blurbs of information directly related to the news stories so that we can all stay informed of the actions taking place on the server.

    We hope everyone will welcome DM_Benjamin in his new role and provide some positive feedback to help get things started in here. As a side note, we've discussed with DM_Benjamin bringing in several other reporters to assist with this task, so if you are interested in writing and the well being and growth of the game and these forums then please find DM_Benjamin and let him know!

    Welcome DM_Benjamin, and good luck!
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