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Thread: Humans Racial Idea

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    Humans Racial Idea

    HI! Straight to the point. IMO Humans are the penultimate hybrid race, yet this age we see a major lack in Humans. I had an idea that conforms to the mythos:

    "Horses are 4/0"

    1) Attackers will love the boost.

    2)TM oriented provs will be able to better muster offense.

    3) Husbandry is a Human trait

    Just a thought ;D

    -DM <3

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    hi zombs, no way humans dont have super horses like Saurs or something. Maybe Orcs could have stronger horses....err probably not......

    oh maybe humans can have +3. better at steering the horses or something was the idea.
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    Theres deffinately not enough bonusses for Human, dwarf dwarfs human for exploring, and the Income bonus, doesent make up for the crazy elite numbers for Orc or undead.

    Its simply much harder to hold up in wars, Avian and undead are way better, as human, you need to run full elite offense, and the lack of bonus +spec, will make you need defense..

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    giving a race stronger horses is not a bad idea. I get stuck at you calling humans hybrid race...hybrid what? definitely not magic...

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    They're like play doh; income fuels whatever, and yeah their magic penalties suck this age more so than last, but as a human mystic they'd still play out as an A/m especially with horses.

    @erm husbandry is a human trait; Huns, carpathians, mongels, Franks, we have a long history of breeding war chargers. I think it definitely fits humans more so than a fantasy race.

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