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Thread: Looking for whoring kd

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    Quote Originally Posted by protector View Post
    I thought you'd have blown yourself up somewhere in the name of Allah
    Prot being a meanie white dutchi

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mansoor View Post
    Not so easy these days. I moved to Korea, sent money to Sweden. They bloody froze my money. Asked my colleagues if anything similar happened to them and they said no, we don't have an arab name. Took my bloody hours and face to face meeting until I got my money unfrozen. Not every muslim is an extremist Prot.

    If it was me writing something like that I would have gotten banned but no no, Prot is white so he can say whatever he wants!
    I doubt you've gotten banned a lot! You'll probably be banned less nowadays :P

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    I have been abused due to the colour of my skin by bishop. He went into my account and did ****, i felt violated...I would go as far as saying that I got raped by Bishops power abuse.
    Of course white people will always deny, you won't get banned/abused as much as before bla bla bla. African people been hearing that since slavery ended and still white people throw bananas on them. So spare me the lecture of how good you white people are now. Hitlerism growing and WW3 is on your door step. Majority will die but some will survive and then Islam will prosper as you will all find out the true islam.

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