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Thread: Rituals Page

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    Rituals Page

    Can we please beef up the content here?

    For instance, explain each Ritual, effects, estimated costs? Something. This page is barren and forces me to go to throne > click new age final changes > search for effects. Please add Ritual information from the Final Changes forum thread to the Rituals page.

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    I will make this happen this weekend!
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    I was going to suggest combining the ritual status and complete ritual pages. Dont see a need for both of them. If you aren't trying to complete a ritual, it can say "Our kingdom is not developing a ritual at this time" or something like that, and if you aren't covered by a ritual it can say "Our kingdom is not covered by a ritual at this time" ect.

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    "Attended by your druids and archbishops, you ascend the long stairs of your kingdom's holy place.

    /If ritual started but not complete

    A ritual is underway to

    [invoke divine protection of our lands]
    [invoke divine favor over our homes and fields]
    [inspire our men-at-arms to bravery on the field]

    /If ritual complete

    The gods have smiled on our kingdom! We are currently protected by the [name] ritual!

    /If ritual not started and none in progress

    A few petitioners bring their offerings, but otherwise the great temple is empty.

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    What happened several weekends ago?!

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