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Thread: Dryad questions

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    Post Dryad questions

    I've been around for a while I am trying dryad tact I want to know if there is any way to counter the lowered enemy casualties? and a decent build strat, should i have lots of offense efficiency to counter? and do you find you need any farms? also what kind of science?

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    I'd imagine the dryad race was envisioned as having cooperative effort in mind from fellow provinces, including paladin.

    So pitfalls with a paladin casting certain fader spells was the plan. The devs also had to balance a race that can easily break t/ms.

    I'm a dryad cleric, but play an entirely different style. For instance, I left all my scientists where they were when I started but I know some like to move them to maximize particular aspects.

    I think tac has great synergy(who doesn't?) with dryad. My choice was based in my environment. I might need to sustain vs big defenses because we have extremely limited support in kingdom. I think low losses should be a socialist movement so cleric gets everyone else on board without permission. I almost never use stables or TG and use the cleric personality to run smaller armies with higher tpa/wpa. I build more like a hybrid than heavy attacker because my environment demands versatility.

    I know I didn't offer much, but my intention was to bump this for the discerning province builders.
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    Use bloodlust from a paladin who has that spell if kills is nesesary run smite whenever you send out, top up with BG and pitfalls and run GS and hospitals to protect yourself + as many barracks as afordable. I'd opt for building it bulkily and sustainable, but it also depends on the need of your team.

    Of course if the team selfishly ask you to run 12-15 epa I'd not advice doing that, that would be sacrificing your province for something that only looks good on paper. Dryad got no increase to specialists, no income buffs or reduced loses and they will be significantly slower than most others even if combined with tactician so they can't really keep it up against other chained provinces if they get to easily chained in a war.

    I'd go for science max in military which I did with my Dryad/War hero, the reason being that you got great buffs from prissoners and horses whenever you can use them, and thus whatever modifiers you can add on top of that will be worth even more without causing your nw to go up.

    I think just under 5% farms with fl but no science buff in production would be playing it safe.

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    Honestly less troops killed means the target would op faster potentially.

    I would be more concerned about the additional attack time. Fix to that is rax on rax on rax of course
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