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Thread: Affairs of the State - Episode 1 - Live Broadcast Feedback

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    I think any fan of Utopia would be pleased to have something like this every age. One suggestion though; more preparation of the format and content expected, less surprises for the Uto team, so there is a more cohesive response instead of jumbled hesitancy and looks of confusion. (This includes more awareness from the Uto team that they are on camera and we can see all their facial expressions, especially their reactions to things that are said.) It's just an awkward presentation of a team that we know actually DOES have a good unified approach together.

    But really, very cool thing to do for us the community, informative and should include more cameos from adorable offspring.

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    Could someone tell me if they answered my undead question? I'd watch and find out for myself but I'm almost out of data

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    Quote Originally Posted by joeblogs View Post
    I think there's an issue with people creating accounts and "randoming" into kds. A lot of these players are returning players (or maybe new to uto) who end up in kds that just have no choice but to RK them due to them not being able to meet those KD standards. I think there should be an option for KDs to pre recruit returning players - like the in game recruitment section. I.E. Have a selection of newb friendly kds open to newbies so when they join they can experience the game first hand vs calls to defect or RK.

    20 man kds - this very much needs to happen.
    i think that is a great idea....
    make an entire island for people with non reservations.... and other KD who might be recruiting can go search those islands....

    on the other hand..... this may lead to ghetto smack down....

    am contridicting myself here

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    I'm not sure where to put this but here ya go.

    How about a feature that allows you to assign scientist automatically to a pre-chosen category. Very annoying right now to wake up in middle of the night to change scientist to the category I want it in. Could also maybe be done with abducted scientist as well? Would make life a bit easier especially for mobile users.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Palem View Post
    Could someone tell me if they answered my undead question? I'd watch and find out for myself but I'm almost out of data
    If it was this question:
    Quote Originally Posted by Palem View Post
    Will you ever consider switching undead from a race to a personality? Or can I just stop suggesting it each age?
    If so then I don't believe it was covered from what I remember, at least not in any greater detail. But I watched the original stream so it's a bit ago and I might have forgotten.
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