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Thread: The Magic Forest, a sandbox kingdom.

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    The Magic Forest, a sandbox kingdom.

    This age I found a few others to create a shell kingdom, the purpose of which was to test strategies in a few diffrent situations to learn, to challenge ourselves to see how well we can do amongst full kingdoms, and to spend only the time spent playing on Utopia as I was getting quite stressed by spending to much time using all sorts of external communications.

    The grand Poobah of Utopia has granted us 7 invites as a shell, and that is why we can freely offer others a spot should they find it interesting to play in a shell kingdom.

    At the moment our team consists of 2 Dryads who is quite seasoned and 2 Faery/Paladins for support, one who is my own brother back in the game first time in 1 years, and another who is a random that might abandon in a few days, so we are most likely the only kingdom on 50% Dryad and doing quite well for ourself given the circumstances.

    We are never going to be a full team this age, and the aim is not to war or piss of people but to compete the way we are, and to find out what is working best for our respective picks.

    My own personal goal would be to finnish in T10 for Dryad, or to get to a point where I'd get in contact with a few of the top kingdoms to se how well I'll hold my own. All from a 0 explore strat. I'm also toying with the idea of cf'ing everyone smaller than us for the sole purpose of mocking the way top kingdoms play, and maybe help out a few of those smaller kingdoms as time permits.

    Do it sounds interesting to you to play with no restrictions on race/personality or build, with no team of 21 people to back you up and no requirements for external programs or a specific activity level or skill set?

    If so you are welcome to contact me and tell me why you are interested in joining our team, even if it is just for a short duration. Our ingame location is 8:4 but remember you'll not be able to change to another race/personality combination if you are invited ingame, that is only via e-mail.

    Our only requirements are this:

    You do not bring your own conflicts here or come here with the intention of messing up specific people.
    Be nice to other people in the kingdom and when dealing with people outside the kingdom, you can retal all you want but no name calling or insulting others.
    Do not join with the intention of running a farm province.


    The more active you are the more fun I think you could get from this.
    Please chose a name from Lord of the Rings universe if invited by email, 3 people with the same theame is not many, but it would be nice if people joining would follow.
    Chose the new race or the new personality to try something diffrent, you'll be missing out on something if you join with a setup you have played for ages.

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    We now got an abandonned Faery/Paladin, probably messed up a bit, but should have as much science as anyone who started in freeze.

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